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Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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In this Chapter we introduce the contents of the training for buying in China on Alibaba. It is important to learn the Inco terms and China Geography before you decide to spend money. So in the training here is what you will find: A. Basic elements: a) Inco terms b) Geography of China B. Alibaba App a) Creation of a personal / corporate account b) Application functionality c) Product research & supplier choice d) Exchange with suppliers e) Loss avoidance criteria f) Delivery to Haiti and USA (Miami) / MOMA GROUP LCC g) Parcel Track
Incoterms: Technical terms when buying in China
You have to know the geography of China to make your goods less expensive

The Alibaba APP

Product Research and how to pick the right Suppliers

Payment and money saving on Alibaba

Shipping and Customs

Conclusion Bonus


Practical course allowing you to complete all the necessary steps to import from China with a working tool such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You will know what are mistakes to avoid such as importing from a supplier unable to provide you with the necessary documents for customs clearance, buying from an unreliable supplier; paying without a contract.

You will learn the techniques to import any product from China and land it where you want.

You will know how to plan your sourcing according to Chinese national holidays and other constraints.

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Mwen se Joseph SOIRELUS. Mwen soti Lewogàn. 6e Seksyon, Zoranje. Mwen etidye Syans Edikasyon ak Enfòmatik. Ekspètiz mwen se fòme pwofesè. Mwen se yon pasyone teknoloji ak edikasyon/fòmasyon. Mwen patisipe deja nan fòmasyon

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Mw vreman satisfe de kou ya guys

Gro Kou. Mw très satisfait !
Gen bon jan infomasyon. kounya c passe a l'action

Anpil enfo pou $22 dola a.Sa montre m ou plis sou chanje lavi sak pa konnen yo gn fé lajan ak yo Genbe la

Mwen vle pran class,sanble li pa disponible anko.


Enrolment validity: Lifetime



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