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Module 1 – Cryptocurrency What is it??

By the end of this chapter, you will have an overview of cryptocurrency.

Module 2 – Buying, selling and storing cryptocurrency?

After watching this module, you will know where and how to sell and buy your cryptos, you will also learn how to deposit and withdraw your cryptos on Binance.

Module 3 – Questions and Answers on Cryptocurrency?

We will answer many questions about crypto-currencies
Where To Buy Bitcoin

You can buy bitcoin on different platforms depending on where you live.

For Haiti, you can buy bitcoins at https://echange.eritajpam.net/ with your local currency. You can also buy at https://www.coinmama.com, https://cex.io or https://www.binance.com with a debit card like the BUH MasterCard.

For the Dominican Republic, the Sambil mall has a bitcoin ATM to facilitate buying and selling.

For Chile, see https://www.buda.com/ or https://app.airtm.com/sign-up out.

For Brazil, we suggest https://foxbit.com.br/ or https://bitcambio.com.br/#/

For Canada, we recommend using https://shakepay.com/

For the United States, use CashApp to buy bitcoins, https://www.coinbase.comhttps://www.binance.us, or even https://www.kraken.com/

For other countries, https://www.coinmama.com/ might be a good option, but our favorite is https://www.binance.com

Once you are done buying bitcoin in a cryptocurrency exchange, we strongly suggest that you move it to your private wallet, something like Exodus, AtomicWallet, or TrustWallet.