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Module 2 – How To Approach This Business

Module 3 – Hunting For Winning Products

Module 4 – How To Validate Your Product Ideas

Module 5 – How To Differentiate Your Product

Module 6 – Create Your Brand

Module 7 – Product Sourcing, Ordering & Transportation

Module 8 – Better Keyword Research Strategy

Module 9 – How To List Your Product On Amazon

Module 10 – Product Pre-launch

Module 11 – Marketing Strategy To Launch Your Product

Module 12 – Business Management?

Owning the business is one thing, managing it well is another. Here's how to constantly check your performance on Amazon.

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Why do you want to do this business?

All that is worthwhile takes time. It requires knowing what you want. We do this course to help you… But before you start, ask yourself why you want to do this business.